Graham Recreation Park

Fields & Schedules
Our largest park in Bluefield, Virginia and the perfect location to enjoy being outside and get active!

Our Recreation park has several amenities, including a softball and baseball field, and is home to our local Little League Organization, Bluefield College Softball team, Middle School Softball and recreation leagues. Our ball fields are open to reserve and free to play on. We also encourage anyone to go to the fields and watch a college game or join a league to play ball! Sport Leagues are a great way to get involved in your community and we'd bed happy to direct you whoever you need!

Reservations for Events
Graham Recreation Park is also an amazing place for your next family reunion, family picnic, or even your upcoming wedding reception! We have several shelters available for reservation. We also have a beautiful amphitheater that has been used for outdoor concerts, church services, and Public Oral Art Nights. The amphitheater is available for reservation. The theatre also has outdoor seating placed in the hill side for all your special guests.

Fitness & Trails 
Fitness and Health are extremely important to our Recreation Department. We encourage everyone who visits our beautiful area to be active and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. At your disposal we have a hiking trail, located behind Shelter 1, that was rerouted by the local Boy Scouts Troupe in our area. This trail is a mile long 3/4 mile long and is extremely started friendly.

You'll also find a fitness trail that was started by one of our summer interns from Bluefield College. The trail will continue to grow as we loop it around our entire park and add amenities to it; such as outdoor fitness equipment, water fountains, and more. Our department is very inclusive and we love outreach and volunteers from our community who take part in making our parks better! 

We also have a full Cross Country course at our parks that is frequently used by Graham High School Cross Country for their home meets. We are always open to others wanting to use our course and if you're interested in hosting 5k or any racing meet at Graham Recreation Park make sure to contact us! 

Graham High School Cross Country Schedule

While working out is fun, it's even more fun with a friend! If you're interested in getting in shape for the summer or just working on your overall health make sure to check out some of the fitnesses classes that take place at our beautiful park! Hosted by Define139 and owner by ACE certified trainer, Greta Quesenberry, there are classes to fit everybodies fitness levels!

  • Playground Station
  • Basketball Courts
  • Sand Volleyball Court 
  • Shelters (Four Available) 
  • Bathroom Facilities 
  • Baseball Field 
  • Softball Field 
  • Soccer Field
  • Amphitheater
  • Hiking Trail
  • Walking Trail 
  • Horse Shoe Pits 
  • Cross Country Course 

Wildlife in Bluefield
Virginia's mountains and forests host a veritable menagerie of animals. Wildlife in Virginia ranges from large mammals like deer to tiny reptiles such as salamanders. The state is home to creatures from every branch of the animal kingdom.

We encourage everyone who encounters our wildlife to always be aware of you surroundings and any larger wildlife you may encounter. Here are a few of the animals you may see in our beautiful mountains: 

  • Appalachian Cottontail Rabbit
  • American Bullfrog
  • Common Mink
  • Fox Squirrel
  • Black Bear
  • Eastern Gray Fox
  • Little Brown Bat
  • Eastern Milksnake
  • Fence Lizard
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Mountain Lion
  • Cumberland Plateau Salamander 
  • White Tailed Deer

For more information on the wildlife in our area:

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