Swim Lessons

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Swim Lessons at Harmony Acres Pool go back decades! They're a long standing tradition in our community that have taught generations of families water safety! Over the years techniques and instructors may have changed, but our swim lessons will always focus on education, safety, and confidence! 

All of our swim instructors are American Red Cross trained lifeguards who have your child's best interest at heart. While we can't guarantee your child will leave the water swimming, he or she will develop more confidence and awareness when in or around the water - which gives you, the parent, greater piece of mind.

Dates & Times

Pricing & Sign Ups!
Overall Cost of Swim lessons - $25 per child

*Classes are overall priced to include cost of staff time, pool time, knowledge, and wear and tear on equipment used during class. 

Class Sign up Capacity - 30 kids
Because of wanting to educate children as much as possible our group sizes in class are kept relatively small. This means we have a 30 child capacity for swim lessons, so sign up today! 

Signing up is easy to do, just print off and the forum located down below, fill it out, and bring it to Harmony Acres Pool. You may also email us the forum or call us at (276) 322-3673 to check availability. 

Swim Lesson Waiver Form          Informative Handout for Parents

Here are a few rules and reminders before coming to class:
Your child must have attended Kindergarten before coming to swim lessons – this assures us that your child has had prior experience in a class setting and will be mature enough to follow directions.

Our classes are taught by lifeguards – Our lifeguards are all American Red Cross trained. 

Goggles are allowed during class, but they must be worn as eye wear only, please no nose guards. 

While flotation devices can be effective to wear for water safety during class kids are asked not to wear life jackets, arm floats, etc. 

Fees must be paid in full to reserve a spot in a class – we have a limited number of spots available in class, because of this we ask that you not sign up if you are unable to attend all class dates.

Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck while swim lessons are in progress – this insures your child is paying more attention to their instructor during the lesson.

Our baby pool will be closed during swimming lessons – Because our lifeguards are our teachers we have no one to watch baby pool during this time.