Transit Supervisor - Katrina Davidson

The Town of Bluefield operates Graham Transit. Graham Transit conducts three deviated fixed routes throughout the area each day.  We offer safe and dependable transportation.  Funding for the system is through Federal and State Mass Transit Grant programs by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation and is subsidized by the Town. The system interconnects with Bluefield, WV Transit allowing riders to travel to most any destination in the area. The fare for Graham Transit is twenty-five cents. Four County Transit also offers transportation services to all area residents, for a small fee, along with the Bluefield Area Transit, Greyhound and several other charter services.  
Contact Graham Transit at 276-322-1468.
Currently there is a Walkway/Nature Trail located in Graham Recreation Park. The trail is ¾ of a mile loop which was extended as an Eagle Scout Project in 2007. Future plans are for a hiking/biking trail to be located through the town for citizens to enjoy.
As the Town moves forward, a special emphasis will be placed on sidewalk infrastructure and efforts will be made to add and improve more sidewalks to neighborhoods to make them more pedestrian friendly. Some areas of focus are South College, Valley Dale, Pinehill Park, Parkview, and Double Gates. New sidewalks have been added to Mountain Lane and College Ave.
Parking in downtown areas has been a challenge for many municipalities. This is particularly the case in Bluefield, Virginia where there is a variety of uses. Retail stores that depend on foot traffic compete for parking space with businesses that only require parking for their employees, and apartment tenants who want to park as close to their door as possible. The shortage of spaces combined with the mixture of uses makes this a continuously volatile issue. These areas were built in an era when the automobile did not dominate the transportation scene, however public transportation is becoming better utilized in the Town.
The removal of several buildings downtown has resulted in more spaces available for parking. Once this was completed, the creek channel has been widened, with the remainder of the property to be used as parking for all the downtown businesses. Even with this added parking there is still a need for additional parking.
Rail Transportation
Bluefield is adjacent to the main Norfolk Southern line that connects the ports at Hampton Roads to the rest of the nation. As a result, goods and materials can be imported and exported via rail to most anywhere in the world. Another form of rail transportation that can be utilized is the Amtrak Rail Service, which is offered within 40 miles of Bluefield, in Hinton, West Virginia.
Air Transportation
Tazewell County Airport is located near Richlands, Virginia and the Mercer County Airport is located 15 minutes away in Mercer County, West Virginia. Larger airports are located in Roanoke, VA, Tri-Cities, TN, and Charleston, WV. Each of these airports are within an hour and forty-five-minute drive. International flight connections can be made in Charlotte, NC which is 2.5 hours away.

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