About Town of Bluefield


Town of Bluefield Mission Statement:
The Town of Bluefield continuously serves the community by enabling a vibrant, appealing and safe environment that encourages individuals, families and businesses to thrive. 

The Town will do this by providing:
1.  Security and Safety.
2. Critical Infrastructure.
3. Essential Services.
4. Recreation and Welfare locations and activities.
5. Organization and Planning within the Town's limits.

Bluefield, Virginia's Tallest Town in name and deeds, elevating community.

The Town of Bluefield is encompassed with majestic mountains nestled in Southwest Virginia.  Our town was chartered in 1884 and is community minded, family oriented and rich with historical architecture that is evident to this day.  Our charming downtown is lined with historical buildings and remnants from the past when the coal industry prospered.     
Once coal was discovered and a railroad to the Pocahontas Coalfields built, the community's name was changed from Pin-Hook to Graham in honor of Col. Thomas Graham, a Philadelphia capitalist whose family figured prominently in our founding.  Out town operated under the name of Graham until a referendum on June 10, 1924, voted to change its name to Bluefield, Virginia. The name change was celebrated in a mock marriage ceremony held in the city park between officials of Bluefield, Virginia and Bluefield, West Virginia.
Currently, the Town of Bluefield is home to popular restaurant chains and shopping centers to locally owned businesses and boutiques. We play host to many events including the Autumn Jamboree and the Annual Community Christmas Gathering and Tree Lighting, just to name a few. During the summer and early fall, we support our local food growers at the Farmer’s Market every Friday.

Join us downtown on Friday evenings for local musical entertainment at “Evening Shade”.
You can also visit the Graham Recreation Park that is great for picnics, reunions and parties. This park offers picnic shelters, an amphitheater, walking trail, playgrounds, tennis courts, a volleyball area and baseball fields. When the weather turns warm, Harmony Acres swimming pool is the coolest place to be. Graham Recreation Park and Harmony Acres Swimming Pool are open to the public and available for reservations.

If you are interested in history and sightseeing, be sure to check out the Sanders House and the Bailey Log House, both located in Bluefield, Virginia. These houses are part of our town’s heritage and are available for tours.

If you are looking for a great place to visit or a great place to call home, then you must see Bluefield, Virginia!